About us

We are a hardware and software design studio that takes concept ideas to prototype and then onto production ready products

We are developers of embedded solutions but specialise in the arenas of Arduino and Netduino and have a portfolio of clients that span the globe from the USA, Canada, UK, Central and Western Europe to Russia.

We have been developing hardware/firmware/software solutions for the last 25 years and have considerable experience in embedded solutions ranging from early CPUs such as the Rockwell variant of the MOS 6502 and Zilog Z80 right through to FPGAs.

Our consultants also have over 17 years .NET covering all areas from asp.net for web based clients through to the .NET Micro Framework for enabled devices such as the Netduino and they are equally experienced in developing with RAD 4GL IDEs on the .NET platforms for web, desktop and embedded solutions.

We offer differing levels of support to our clients from basic software solutions to complete hardware/firmware/software solutions and project design guidance and mentoring.

In addition to our design services we also offer a limited fabrication and build service to our clients for small production runs. This allows our clients to try a solution before committing to a large volume production run.

Every one of our clients and their projects are important to us. To allow for the best experience with our clients we try and limit ourselves to four projects per month. If a small request for a quick firmware requirement comes in then we will also slot them in providing that they do not interfere with our existing commitments