Our Portfolio

We have been involved in several projects the past three years and have offered differing levels of support to our clients from basic software solutions to complete hardware/software solutions.

Amongst these some of our projects are


  • I Can Hire ... We continue to work with this client to improve the design of the product
  • ModBus type ROC device interface library
  • GrillSmart ... A BBQ control system interfacing into an iPhone through BLE to control the burn rate and temperature of the BBQ. This project is now almost ready for its Kickstarter launch
  • Muscle car ... We continue to work with this client to extend the functionality of the product
  • Fleet management ... the product is continuing to grow and extend it scope
  • Drone Warrior ... A dogfighting Lasertag system designed for Quadcopters. This will be launching on Kickstarter in spring 2015
  • Project Green ... A water monitoring and conservation system trialing in Colarado
  • Spray Bot ... A robot pipe spraying system


  • The Barman ... We continue to work with this client to improve the design of the product
  • A home monitoring and control automation system. Interfacing with backup generators and communication on the internet and across GSM in the event of ground communications failure
  • ModBus master units to relay status information of boiler systems back to a central control system. This has a built in web interface for the control of alarm parameters etc.
  • Cashless vending machine interface based in Microchip PIC and Netduino interfaces
  • Biometric measurement system using conductive clothing reporting information back to smart devices through BLE
  • Twitter reader that display last tweets onto a matrix display and slave displays connected through low power radio communications
  • industrial automotive control and monitoring system for farm equipment reporting through the GSM to a central monitoring system
  • Water usage and control monitoring system for aftermarket installation into domestic systems
  • VTOL servo control systems for small light aircraft to interface the Fly By Wire control systems to the VTOL PWM servo control systems
  • Wind turbine blade and CVD control system. A system to proportionally control the position of the turbine blades and control a CVD to optimise electricity generation
  • Touch screen interface to test and control aspect of a racing car such as NOZ, turbo interface, fuel cut-off etc.
  • A BBQ control system interfacing into an iPhone through BLE to control the burn rate and temperature of the BBQ
  • Muscle car parameters reporting interface to take aspects of the cars current running conditions and report it to an OTA serial data stream for remote reading and logging.
  • Touch screen interface to control a clothing abrasion testing jig. Reporting on temperature, duration of test before failure, abrasion resistance etc. and loggin data 20 time per second.
  • Light Cloud. A system that interfaces though the web to a media trend engine and represent a colour cloud based on the rate a volume and frequency of hits in the trends list
  • NinjaGOAT, a mobile all terrain self-levelling camera dolly with extending 2 DOF camera boom
  • Fleet management access and trip monitoring control system for cars. Recording usage and allowing access through RIFD cards


  • The Barman ... An easy-to-use drink mixing platform that uses Bluetooth 4.0 and your Smartphone to mix up any drink in seconds
  • An environmental control and monitoring system for a tortoise house with RFID tagging for tortoise location. This project involved monitoring the state of the tortoise house and its critical systems like power supply and maintained its environment. It also secured the house at night time and had security systems in place. Additionaly it had RFID readers on the entry and exit points to keep track of which tortoises where in the house at any time. The system reported back to the main control system through a radio link to another master system also designed by us that is connected to the internet and reports on the state of the system through a web interface.
  • ModBus slave units to relay environmental information back to a ModBus master. Information such as temperature, lux, humidity etc. The devices were also configurable across the bus to set device address, set points for alarms etc.
  • Cashless vending machine interface to read QR codes on mobile devices and vend goods. The system interfaced through the VM MDB protocols and used a free standing barcode reader finally interfacing back to the central server through the internet.
  • An online ordering system for independent retailers. This system allowed retailers to join an online food ordering website where customers could order and pay for their food online. This order was them sent to the retailer across the GSM network to a device, that we designed, to print out the order. The customer would then simply collect it or it would be delivered.
  • A toilet cubicle occupation indication system. This system simply allowed you to see from an overhead light if a toilet cubicle was occupied.


  • A development to read RFID tags and send the information to a web service over the internet and display a series of question to the user on a touch screen LCD panel.
  • A motor control system driven by inclinometers to self-correct and level mast erection systems. This used radio telemetry for the control and command systems.
  • An interactive art collection for a client in the USA including heartbeat monitors and proximity sensors.
  • A robotic art exhibit stand for an artist in the UK with 4 DOM and illumination.
  • A remote control and monitoring system for a car hire company that uses GSM to control and monitor its fleet of vehicles. This is a modular system that has UPS, GSM, GPS, Accelerometer data, RFID security tagging and uses an extended SPI (IIC) bus to communicate to a collection of satellite devices for other forms of environment reading and control of systems.
  • A linier track motor control and location system for the Olympic rowing lake in Moscow for the control of the camera dolly system that runs along the lake. This involved telemetry systems using radio and fibre media. It also involved writing the user control system interfacing to human interface devices like pedals etc. The system also has considerable failsafe system built into it to prevent dolly overrun on the track etc.
  • A MIDI interface using 6 DOM IMUs to send MIDI commands across a radio link using xBee type radio modules to be read my a MIDI control system on a PC.
  • A second RFID project using a simple RFID reader and a WIFI bridge to send presence data back to a web server connected to social media websites such as Twitter Facebook etc. to send “likes” or location information. We also developed all the server and API interface code for the Social Media interactions.
  • A swarm based climate monitoring control system for measuring soil parameters for a company selling irrigation system to vineyards in the South of France. This system worked using RF links back to a central master system that collated the information and sent reports via a website to the control centre.
  • A radio based control system for controlling the opening and closing of chicken houses and controlling the feed cycle. This system measured lux and opened and closed doors and adjusted feeding amount and times. It was controlled either from a master system with a basic LCD and keypad or from a computer with a USB based radio link that scanned all the devices and integrated them and sent then command and control parameters. This system was also designed to run from solar charged battery packs. The system monitored its power sate and sent an alarm if the levels got too low.
  • The electronics for an interactive wearable costume for a London based textiles design studio. This played different monologs explaining the history of the costume as part of it are removed or the wearer touches parts of the costume to trigger events.
  • The electronics for a series of interactive art exhibits that react to user stimulus to change their state and reflect their environment for a client in Hawaii making masks and pottery art.
  • Football stadium score panel controller. The was Arduino based and used large 7 Segment displays to give the score and play time of a football match. The system was controlled through a web based interface served up from the Arduino acting as a mini web server. The user could set play time and adjust the sores using a web enabled smart device connected the to it through a web browser.
  • Water temperature control system. This device like the last was controlled using a web interface served up from the Arduino. It was a closed loop system that controlled the temperature of water by adjusting the flow of hot and cold until the target temperature was reached. The user could control the temperature of the water as well as get the target and actual water temperatures by using a web browser to interrogate the Arduinos web server.
  • RFID project with WIFI interface to web based JSON web services to integrate into an existing timekeeping system. This required that we also wrote the Web base portal to call API links into the existing client system.
  • Control electronics for an eccentric handed clock based on servo control systems. This is a limited run for an exclusive collection. It is built from a custom PCB based and based on an ATMEGA328 CPU and Dallas RTC.
  • Electronics control for a scaled model of a concept house that changes its configuration according to environmental conditions. This used servo controls and a touch interface to interact with the viewer.