Project Stages

Breadboard Prototyping and proofing of design concept before final design specification

PCB design and layout stage and small volume prototyping runs

Assembly of prototype and testing for conformity to specification

Our Services

We are an electronic and firmware prototyping and project mentoring service. We take your concept and turn it into a prototype then take that and prepare it for production with you.
Our customer satisfaction rating is based on our close collaboration in working with you and listening to your requirements and offering best solutions to the challenges that they may bring

What we offer

  • The design of embedded electronic control and monitoring systems
  • A PCB design services
  • A small volume production and assembly services
  • Design advice and project mentoring
  • Collaborate in joint engineering projects
  • 3D printing POC enclosures

We take on projects both small and large and work with you on your design. We can offer tight timescales and have an excellent track record for meeting short deadlines. We have clients based all around the world and work across the internet using collaborative working tools and Skype for keeping in touch at all times.