Our Current Projects

This is a list of projects that we are currently involved in some complete other still a work in progress or long duration projects, some of our projects start out as small ideas and then evolve organically into bigger projects.

  • Radio Probe

    low latency radio enabled probe system for detection of edges and state changes

  • Drone Warrior

    An arial Lasertag dogfighting system for quadcopters

  • Vinyl Cutter

    a motor control system to drive a retro style vinyl record cutting system

  • I Can Hire

    We are continuing to develop automotive tracking and control systems with this client to help in the automation of vehicle hire systems that allow their customers to be able to search and locate a vehicle for hire without having to go to a depot to collect or drop it off.

  • BBQ Control

    A BBQ control system interfacing into an iPhone through BLE to control the burn rate and temperature of the BBQ

  • Project Green

    We are continuing to develop this system to include the control of smart lighting systems and water irrigation control