From Concept to Prototype to Production

Electronic and firmware design and project mentoring

Featured Clients

Spray Bot
Robotic spraying system that controls the coverage of paint to welds on pipes

Drone Warrior
An arial Lasertag dogfighting system for quadcopters

Project Green
Water conservation and monitoring system

WIKISPEED ... A worldwide collaboration to build an affordable 100MPG car

I Can Hire ... A remote control and monitoring system for hire vehicles

D*Haus ... A concept house that morphs its shape to suit the environmental conditions.

Cashless Vending using your Mobile device

An online food ordering service for collection or delivery

The Barman.
An easy-to-use drink mixing platform that uses Bluetooth 4.0 and your Smartphone to mix up any drink in seconds

Cool Smart
Modbus interface controling and monitoring system for refrigeration systems reporting back through the internet to a central monitoring system.

Environmental monitoring and control systems

The First-to-Market Lighting System To Show Your Patrons Which Stall Is Available